CAD (Computer Aided Designing) is a methodology in which computer technology is used for creating designs that can be leveraged in various fields and industry verticals. Using it, numerous products can be designed with accurate measurements and the design process can be also be adequately documented.

Computer Aided Designing has evolved as one of the best computerized designing methodologies and facilitates a wide array of manufacturing processes by transferring the comprehensive diagrams easily to a manufacturing and designing system. With its help, both 2D and 3D diagrams can be produced, and these diagrams can be rotated at any angle to view the details from a particular perspective. Once the design is complete, specialized plotters or printers are used for printing the design renderings.

The Many Uses of CAD

Computer Aided Designing software can be used for -

  • Producing 2D or 3D detailed engineering designs of physical components of products being manufactured
  • Creating conceptual designs, product layouts, carrying out dynamic and strength analysis of the manufacturing processes and assembly
  • Preparing environmental impact reports and designs which can then be used in for producing a rendering of the exterior and interior look when new structures are constructed

The Latest Trends in CAD technology

As technology keeps evolving, Computer Aided Design trends are also changing at a fast pace. Here are the top design trends which are expected to dominate the design industry in the years to come:

  1. Upstart Technology

    Like every technology-based solution, CAD software is also changing at an accelerated pace to adapt itself to the ever-changing world of digital technology. A lot of enterprises worldwide have released cutting edge collaborative and cloud based solutions which offer a whole new range of functionalities. Enterprises and organizations of all sizes are indulging in innovating and enabling Computer Aided Designing with new capabilities which can be leveraged for better designing of products, machines, and other entities. Upstart technical firms are among the significant contributors of such new design trends.

    A plethora of design experts believes that computer aided designing technology as we know it today needs an upgrade, so as to deliver better services. Therefore, it is safe to expect that this technique will undergo a complete transformation in the years to come.

  2. Internet of Things

    The IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the network of connected devices which are capable of interacting with their surroundings and collecting data. Connected objects in IoT networks are capable of interacting with each other and sending signals. Most of these devices are either the part of a home, an office, a factory or a car. In order to plan, design, and personalize marketing strategies, IoT is amongst the latest trends in computer designing which is catching the attention of various people.

    It has been estimated by Cisco, that by 2020, over 50 billion devices worldwide will be online and be a part of some or the other IoT network. This will certainly change the way we work and complete our day to day tasks in a dramatic manner. While everyone on the planet would be affected and impacted by these devices, but the personnel who will be affected the most will be engineers. Once the manufacturing units, factories and facilities will come online, massive new efficiencies will be introduced. Thus, computer aided designing will evolve as one of the most preferred ways to design newer machines which can interact and deliver incredible performance.

  3. Mobile Access to CAD

    Mobile access and mobility have become two of the most vital aspects that organizations and people look for in almost every technology. Thus, mobile access is going to be one of the top trends in the coming years.

    As per a survey, close to 30% of computer aided designing developers are currently deploying some means of accessing the data on mobile platforms and this number is expected to grow by 8-10 per cent every year. Mobile access allows people to access tools, apps and other relevant data anywhere and anytime. This implies increased productivity and that's why the tech experts are looking out for innovative ways using which computer aided designing can be made mobile.

  4. 3D Printed Buildings

    Among the evolving trends in CAD technology are 3D printed buildings. Now a 3D printer can support the creation of an entire building. In fact, many tools and 3D printers are being used for construction of entire apartment blocks. This method is much more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and time-efficient in printing buildings than the other conventional methods.

    In the future, 3D printers using such technology will make it much easier to develop housing in highly populated areas. It is expected that construction firms in the coming years will catch up with this technology facilitating new innovation in design.

  5. CAD and the Cloud are expected to Grow Together

    One of the latest trends in computer aided design technology, which is expected to change the way we access tools and use them, is the growth of computer designing in the cloud. Rapid advancements in cloud technology have become a great way for organizations worldwide to access vital information on the go and to make the data, tools, and much more available to people anywhere and at any time. Today, the power of the cloud is driving Computer Aided Technology as well, allowing developers and designers to save their work on cloud platforms which can then be accessed from anywhere. The benefits which such software offer include higher mobility, ease of updating the software, increased storage capacity, and more importantly, significant cost reductions.