Solar Power Installation

Solar Power industry in India is a growing industry with more prominence with each successive day. The domestic off grid industry is also growing faster by the day. The life of a typical Solar Power plant is approximately 25 long years. Energy generated from a Solar Power Plant in a year depends on various factors. External factors that affects production of energy includes Actual sunny days, Solar radiation, Day Time Temperatures, Air Mass. The output also depends on the following internal factors which are controllable by the Solar Developer are as follows Strategic Location of plant ,support of Solar Tracking systems, Equipment and its quality, Installation perfectness, and other O&M activities.

Solar Power plant setup modes as per specific requirement.

  • Off-Grid Captive Consumption for domestic use
  • Off-Grid Captive Consumption for commercial use
  • Grid Connected (Net Metered) Captive Consumption for domestic premises
  • Grid Connected (Net Metered) Captive Consumption for commercial premises

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