Mechanical Process Consultant

A process consultant is a highly qualified professional that has insights into and understands the psychosocial dynamics of working with various client systems such as whole organizations, groups and individuals,

Given the complex nature of intervening, a process consultant's expertise includes the following (and many other) aspects:

  • works concomitantly with groups and individuals (managers/directors) towards a larger change process such as strategic visioning, strategic planning, etc.
  • based on the context, selects from a variety of methods, tools and change theories a 'facilitative intervention' that will most benefit the client system;
  • stays aware of covert organizational processes, group dynamics, and interpersonal issues

Role In Organizational Level:

In organization development, a process consultant is a specialized type of consultant who acts as a facilitator to help groups deal with issues involving the process in a meeting, rather than with the actual tasks themselves.

Role In Small Group Development:

A process consultant may be used at any time during the Stages of Group Development. Occasionally, a process consultant is used when a group is either in its formative stage, or normative stage. However, more often than not, they participate when the group is in conflict.

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